This book helps the students to answer several questions in a matter of seconds. It covers various calculators & special tricks along with a tabular format presentations. It also includes remembering & analyzing power with several illustrations.


This Book is updated up to 31st October 2020 and is meant for May 2021 Exams (New Syllabus).

Salient Features:

  • As per syllabus approved by ICAI
  • Multiple Choice Questions from Module, RTP and Compilation of Suggested Answers issued by ICAI for better approach towards subjective knowledge
  • Covers all chapters for OLD/NEW Syllabus

Salient Features {UPDATED 2021}:

  • Strictly as per syllabus approved by ICAI
  • Up to date amendments including the Companies Act, 2013.
  • Coverage of Questions appeared in past exams has been arranged to the conceptual briefing