This book helps the students to answer several questions in a matter of seconds. It covers various calculators & special tricks along with a tabular format presentations. It also includes remembering & analyzing power with several illustrations.


Ca Foundation Solved Scanner COMBO Includes:

  • Paper-1 Principles and Practice of Accounting
  • Paper-2 Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting
  • Paper-3 Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics
  • Paper – 4 Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge
  • Complete coverage of CA Foundation Syllabus
  • With around 3600 objective Q & A
  • Students most preferred books for self study of CA Course

CA Foundation Books: Commercial Padhuka Basics of Accounting:

  • Complete coverage of CA Foundation Syllabus
  • Important revision questions
  • Student’s most preferred books for self-study of CA Course

Comprehensive Coverage of Business Law & Business Correspondence And Reporting(Padhuka Books): Statutes are covered in detail with adequate illustrations. Full Syllabus as prescribed by the ICAI is covered in organized Topics.