Features of VDI Publications CA Final Indirect Tax Laws GST, Custom & FTP (2021)

♦️ Finance Act, 2020 (to the extent notified)
♦️ Thoroughly Revised and Updated up to 31 October 2020
♦️ 496 Illustrations (GST 414 + Customs/FTP 82)

This book incorporates the following –

  • Finance (No.2) Act, 2019 & all Amendments up to 30th April 2020
  • Summarized Points for Quick Revision
  • Tables, Flow Chart and Diagrams for easy understanding & Quick Recap
  • New & Unique 367Β Illustrations (280 GST &Β 87 Customs & FTP)
  • Past Exam Questions & ICAI Practice Question & RTP

Special Features Of Our Summary book

  • Updated With All Amendments up to 31st Oct 2020
  • Entire IDT (GST + Customs) revision in approx 200 Pages
  • Includes tables, Flow chart, and diagrams for easy understandability
  • Book in 1 Volume Only

Quick Overview

  • Single Handy Volume For Group II Subjects
  • Full Coverage Of Ca Final Syllabus Applicable For Exam
  • Lucid MCQs For Quick Understanding And Revision Of Concepts

Special Features of this Book

  • A Handbook on Conceptual Learning on Indirect Tax Laws (GST & Customs), Old and New Syllabus for CA Final / CS Final By CA. Yashvant Mangal. Applicable for May. 2021 Exam
    Special Features of this book:-
    – Amended up to 31.10.2020
    – Every topic with its complete analysis and interpretation.
    – Easy understanding through soft language
    – Solved analytical illustration as per current amended law
    – 100% Coverage with conceptual clarity
    – Covers relevant case laws and analysis
    – Past CA final exam papers with amended solutions

Highlights of this Book

  • Comprehensive Coverage of CA Final Syllabus.
  • Concise Presentation of Indirect Taxes Provisions. ,.
  • Optimal Use of Practical Problems to explain concepts.
  • Tables, Flow Charts & Diagrams for clarity and easy memory.
  • Grouping of relevant points related to a particular topic.
  • Fast Track Referencer and Latest Updates for Quick Revision

Aadhya Prakashan Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation By Yogendra Bangar Summary:

  • Coverage of pastΒ 25 yearsΒ of questions.
  • Chapter-wise arrangement of questions.
  • Topic & section-wise Arrangement of questions in each Chapter